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Evidence-Based Investment Management

Delivering tax-efficient, low-cost and globally diversified portfolios for various account sizes, tax qualification types and volatility profiles.

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Welcome to Valor Capital Management

Valor Capital Management is an SEC registered investment adviser firm operating as a portfolio strategist and Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP). We subscribe to an evidence-based investment management philosophy and offer exclusive access to one of the largest proprietary fund families in the world, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), as an approved TAMP provider.

With an emphasis on applying Nobel Prize-winning research to support our evidence-based investment management philosophy, we create investment portfolios that aim to capture the growth of global markets while overweighting the portfolio towards securities characteristics that have a track record of delivering a higher expected return to maximize long-term growth within an investor’s given risk profile.

Portfolios are available through Valor and EnvestNet platform. Performance reporting accessible on Morningstar.


Valor Capital Management’s mission is to capture the growth of global markets to deliver a higher expected return.


More than 20 portfolios consisting of DFA proprietary mutual funds and a line of best-in-class ETF portfolios.


Evidence-based investment management supported by Nobel Prize-winning research.


Discover the portfolio management and investment operations support offered by Valor Capital Management.