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Valor Capital Management

Valor Capital Management was founded with the mission to bring sophisticated institutional asset management strategies to retail consumers nationwide as part of a holistic financial plan. Traditionally, only the largest of institutions had the technological means and resources to understand what drives investment returns and then deploy strategies to attempt to capture those returns. Today, our Evidence-Based Investment Strategies allow consumers of all levels access to these strategies derived from the academic research of Nobel Prize-winning laureates in finance & economics.

About Valor Capital Management

Valor Capital Management’s portfolios focus on capitalizing on long-term growth opportunities in global markets while delivering tax-efficient, low-cost and broad diversification investment solutions to long-term investors with varying levels of risk tolerance*. Our foundational investment philosophy centers around evidence-based investment management, meaning we don’t speculate which way the markets will go or chase returns but rather utilize empirical data and Nobel Prize-winning academic research to understand what has driven long-term returns and then build strategies to attempt to capture those returns. While there are many things that cannot be controlled when it comes to investing, there is evidence illustrating that certain securities characteristics have been repeatedly outperformed over time. That evidence is the premise of our investment philosophy, and each of our portfolio models is developed with this evidence in mind.

Valor operates as a Turnkey Asset Manager Program (TAMP) and portfolio strategist on the Envestnet platform providing asset management services through the development and management of proprietary model portfolios which are sought after by registered investment advisers, broker-dealers and other financial institutions for the benefit of their clients.

* Until May 2018, the portfolios were managed by Valor’s affiliate, Prosperity Capital Advisors.

C2P Enterprises

Valor Capital Management is part of C2P Enterprises, a holding company of four distinct brands, each in their respective capacity designed to simplify financial planning for advisors and the clients they serve while working in their best interest. Affiliated advisors can opt to work with one, two or all of the brands when working to provide holistic financial planning. Our brands include:

Clarity 2 Prosperity: A financial training, coaching and IP development organization that offers financial advisors turnkey financial planning, practice management and marketing processes. Its mission is to help advisors shift from a transactional mindset to holistic planners who offer best interest advice by coordinating all areas of their clients’ financial lives including investments, insurance, tax, estate, Social Security, retirement income and healthcare planning. To achieve this mission, it provides live, on-demand, group and one-on-one training, along with tools, resources, mentoring and support to ensure successful implementation of its packaged proven processes, including The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process. These services are available to advisors affiliated with Clarity Insurance Marketing and Prosperity Capital Advisors, as well as to unaffiliated advisors for a fee, as well as to institutions such as broker-dealers and RIAs to systematically equip their advisors to deliver best interest financial planning to American families nationwide.

Clarity Insurance Marketing: A best interest-focused insurance marketing organization (IMO) that facilitates advanced product screening, selection and support for all lines of fixed insurance products, such as fixed and indexed annuities, single premium and traditional life insurance and asset-based long-term care products. It works to create efficient back-office support and quality service standards to help advisors issue new business quickly, accurately and effectively. Clarity is dedicated to the implementation of best interest practices for the use of its insurance products—effectively mitigating risk for institutions, their advisors, and ultimately American families nationwide through sophisticated case design, product selection and implementation of insurance solutions as financial planning tools.

Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA): A holistic planning-based SEC-registered investment adviser (RIA) providing independent investment advisor representatives (IARs) with a connected ecosystem which integrates financial planning, investment & insurance solutions, technology, marketing, compliance and operations into one complete platform to help entrepreneurial advisors scale their business and meet the unique needs of their clients.