Core Strategic Models

A total return approach to investing

At Valor, we’ve curated a list of core strategic models, using some of the largest and most well-known institutional asset management firms in the world, to be able to deliver core strategic models for your clients and help you continue to scale your own advisory business.

The core strategies and models that we build are total return strategies, meaning the number one objective is growing the account within the framework of the asset allocation guidance delivered through a risk tolerance or volatility tolerance analysis.

These model portfolios range from an allocation of capital preservation which is typically all fixed income, all the way up to an aggressive allocation, which is usually all equities and everything in between to meet the demands of your client.

For post-tax accounts, tax efficiency matters to you and your high-net worth clients. At Valor Capital Management, we have developed a specific tax-managed or tax-efficient portfolio for each of our core model families to help maximize the after-tax returns of your clients.

United Portfolios developed with BlackRock
Pre-Tax & Tax-Managed Portfolios

  • Developed with BlackRock—the world’s largest investment management firm1
  • Research and investment strategists using cutting-edge technology to protect portfolios (Aladdin Risk Management System)
  • Diversified core solution with a dynamic approach to active management (long-term and short-term tilts) – aim is to make a little bit of money a lot of the time
  • 3 Step Process (start with a long-term strategy, adapt to changing macro conditions, select the right investment vehicles)
  • Unites multiple fund families through a best-in-class screening process
  • Trades 4-6x a year (mostly quarterly, but may trade ad hoc)


Dimensional Wealth Models
Pre-Tax & Tax-Managed Portfolios

  • Powered by Dimensional Fund Advisors—Operating over 40 years with $647B in firmwide AUM2
  • Investment approach grounded in Nobel Prize-winning economic theory and backed by decades of empirical research
  • Models supported by a large research team, PhDs, and Executive team of Dimensional leadership
  • Evidenced-based approach to active management (40-year track record of outperforming without outguessing)
  • Routed in applying insight from financial science (Long term tilts shifting odds of success in investors’ favor)
  • Lower cost, broadly diversified solution. (14,000+ holdings across 40+ countries)


Vanguard® Strategic ETF® Models
CRSP Series & Tax-Efficient Portfolios

  • Vanguard—the world’s second-largest investment management firm3
  • 12-member committee which meets 6x per year
  • Strategic but not static (the hurdle for change is high)
  • Foundational diversified portfolio for market capture (beta)
  • Lowest cost & mutually owned4
  • Tax-efficient (equity holdings = zero capital gains in last 10 years)


BlackRock, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and The Vanguard Group are investment management companies and are not affiliated with Valor. Consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing. There is no guarantee that investment strategies will be successful. These views are as of the date of this publication and are subject to change.  1. 2.  3.  4. Lowest cost model currently available on the Valor platform.