Investment Platform

Meet the unique needs of your clients
with a curated selection of global asset managers

Valor Capital Management, and its investment team have curated a core strategic investment offering by bringing together some of the world’s largest institutional asset managers to construct portfolios with quality and cost-efficient investments across alpha, index and evidence-based factors to best meet your investment objectives.

Alpha Strategies
Delivering active management to attempt to outperform the benchmark.

Evidence Based Strategies
Tilting a portfolio towards asset classes proven to deliver outperformance.

Index Strategies
Low-cost, tax-efficient, broad market exposures strategies to capture market return.

The way you want to invest

In addition to our core strategic investment offering, we have brought together specialized strategies to meet specific needs of your client and differentiate yourself as an advisor.

From environmentally or socially conscious investments, to individual stock managers down to portfolios designed to help protect from market volatility, the choice is yours.

A custom approach

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution when delivering investment advice. Whether your clients are approaching retirement and need an investment plan designed to provide reliable income or are in the accumulation phase of their life and focused on growing and maximizing their money, our investment platform and team is here to help guide you into a custom approach to meet your needs.

In addition, our in-house investment committee is consistently monitoring and evaluating our current offerings as well as new potential offerings to ensure our advisors have innovative solutions to meet their client’s investment needs. We are committed to equipping you with investment solutions to deliver the results your clients expect.


You never know in any given period which investment approach is going to pay off and deliver the best return. Through Valor, not only do you have diversification in the investment holdings, but you also have diversification across multiple approaches. We’ve built the platform infrastructure for you to be able to deliver what you feel is in your clients’ best interests and able to meet their expectations all with the efficiency of a unified managed account using portfolio sleeves. View Core Strategic Models>>


Active Investing

With an active portfolio, we’re giving the manager the ability to make dynamic adjustments to try to enhance the return above and beyond the market benchmark for the client. If they think inflation is going to creep up, they may make changes in the portfolio to address inflation.

An active investment approach can:

  • Work to deliver investment alpha
  • Offer targeted diversification exposure
  • Deliver specific tax savings

Together with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, Valor has developed The Valor United Models, to deliver BlackRock’s investment team, research, data, and Aladdin Technology to pursue better investment returns.

Evidence-Based Investing

With the advancements in technology, data analytics and the collection of historical information on stock prices spanning decades of diverse market conditions, evidence-based investing has emerged as a popular method for advisors to deliver outperformance without having to try to outguess the market. This investment strategy is designed to provide investors with a lower-cost approach to reap the benefits of both active and indexed strategies, while minimizing the respective inefficiencies.

Powered by Dimensional Fund Advisors— The Valor Dimensional Wealth Models bring your clients’ a portfolio offering grounded in Nobel Prize winning economic theory and backed by decades of empirical research.1

Passive Market Capture

With the long-term objectives in mind, passive market capture strategies incorporate investments that strive for long-term growth. As a remarkably low-cost investment management solution on Valor’s platform, passive strategies do not profit from short-term price fluctuations or market timing, but rather by long-term growth tied to the performance of an indices, market sector, or collection of individual stocks and/or bonds.

  • Typically, the lowest cost investment option
  • Simple for clients to understand
  • Very tax-efficient

What’s going to help keep your passive investor as a client is your ability to measure the right amount of volatility they’re willing to accept, and then you match them up to the right portfolio to achieve their objectives. Our business development team is particularly valuable in helping you evaluate the opportunities.

The Valor Vanguard® Strategic ETF® Models delivers a remarkably low-cost broad-market equity and investment-grade fixed income exposure portfolio, encompassing more than 25,000 global stocks and bonds.2

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